SpaceX lands successfully on drone ship!

After some earlier attempts that were basically very successful, this time, SpaceX actually did it perfectly!
They lauched their Falon 9 rocket, split off cargo into space, and landed the Falcon rocket back on earth on a drone ship. Friday, May 6, 2016, the rocket was launched from Cape Canaveral, Florida, USA. The rocket was carrying a 4700kg communication JCSAT-14 satellite. After splitting the first stage of the Falcon, the second stage took the satellite to 35,786 kilometers and the first stage landed back on our blue planet. Cudos to Elon!

Fathom: Neural Networks in a USB stick

Movidius released the Fathom USB stick, how cool is that! Well, it is when you know this tiny stick contains the Myriad 2 chip, a tiny super computer for processing neural networks. Powered over USB 3.0 in your Linux computer, this little bastard processes up to 150 GigaFLOPS at only 1.2 Watts! That is 20-30x more processing power than your 100 Watts+ desktop! Even cooler is that it can directly be used with Caffe and TensorFlow networks!

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Samsung throws their 360 degree cam for personal VR experience

Samsung released a new product, and it's not as you would expect, a phone. No, it's the geeky Samsung Gear 360 gadget for the new VR experience. The new sphere of 6x6x6 cm contains two spherical lenses. It contains a small display and stores its two 4k video H.265 recordings to an MicroSD card up to 129 Gigs. Stills can be shot at 30 MPixels. Obviously, tight integration with the new S7 flagship is available, but who needs that, we are going to wait for Oculus Rift to experience this new baby! Watch some 360 footage after the break.

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GoPro goes VR: meet the omni

GoPro released their new Omni spherical VR cage at NAB 2016, connecting 6 GoPro 4 cameras to create a 360x360 view! Simply press record on the master camera and all other cameras start recording (same for configuration). Pre-order at $5000 for the complete Omni kit, and this includes the rig, 6 cameras and a license to the video editing software from our French friends, Kolor (you probably own a license for their amazing Autopano Pro software).