Sony released the latest offspring in the RX100 family in june 2015. The fourth version packs a novel stacked CMOS technology that is -according to Sony- literally years ahead of competition. The gain in light sensitivity is beneficial in two ways: 16 fps continuous shooting at 20MPixel, or shoot 1080p video at 1000 fps. Note that slow-motion videos are recorded at lower resolution and then upsampled to 1080p. Furtermore, this baby cranks up the h.264 bitrate to 100MBit/sec for 4k@30 or 1080p@120. This baby just got even more hot for video! More really cool reasons why this is the worlds best option for both video and stills are presented by DPReview here. I still enjoy my RX100 mark II every day, but this upgrade sounds worth a try. Read all the details and differences in the Review @DPReview, but prepare to throw in €1150,- to capture these awesome videos. Unfortunately, the body and lens became a bit thicker (from 38 to 41mm), which I personally do not like for its pocketability.

[Full Review @DPReview]

[Product page @Sony]