The camera that did not miss a single vacation? Of course, ever since the Hero HD made its introduction, GoPro cameras are loved by many! Now, they introduce number 4 (since the Hero HD that is, they actually already popped out earlier models before everybody 'needed' HD). Why do I want the new version 4 model do you think? Well, double frame-rates for a start: 4k@30, 1080p@120 or even 1280x720@240 are pretty awesome! New audio processing and neat low-light processing also sound good. Better user interaction for configuration. Plus, ProTune is now available on pictures too (oh yeah, 30 fps 12 MP still capture!). All speculations have come true, this little baby seems to carry the Ambarella A7 chip! Luckily they did not significantly boost the cost of this pretty little one. Available from October 1, 2014!