Salvation of the Concordia: Live footage!

Yes, we all like to stare at square screens for hours. Now, you can follow the salvage of the Corcordia cruise ship live from this stream. Warning: tends to get a bit boring after some hours...

NOTE: Replaced live URL with timelapse video of the event

Drone FPV over 3G/4G

Like drones? Like video? Looking for a robust First-Person-View (FPV) Solution for in-city flying with lots and lots of radio distortiion? You might want to backup the SkyDrone FPV solution that sends digital video over an AES-256 encrypted link. Though I'm not really convinced this will actually work with highly fluctuating cellular bandwidths, the concept is cool! Not sure they will reach their deadline, but thumbs up for the cheesy presentation :-)

iDoorCam, smart doorbell at your service!

Apart from fancy 3D scanner and printer, fancy pens, watches and cameras, another brilliant hi-tech idea is a bit closer to home. Yes, we are talking about a smart doorbell. You probably wonder, how smart can a doorbell be? Well, the new iDoorCam one transmits video and audio over your home WiFi to your cellphone, enabling you to answer the door, even when you are not around. You can create groups for multiple people, or can decide not to answer the doorbell and leave it to the babysitter when in a romantic diner. Or tell the UPS guy to drop the package at your neighbors. Simple, cool and affordable at $165 retail.

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Finally, the ultimate ultrabook has arrived!

When discussing our favorite 13" Ultrabooks during the daily lunchbreak, we all agreed that the Asus UX31 Zenbook Ultrabooks was pretty sweet. That was until the Samsung 9 series Ultrabooks came along. However, in the current Megapixel battle for displays, its 1,600 x 900 pixel resolutions made us focus on our deserts. Lenovo now tops this model with the new Yoga 2 Pro Ultrabook. Packing an incredible 3,200 x 1,800 pixels in a 13.3" screen is simply amazing. Computations are provided by Intel's 4th gen Haswell processors (up to i7), rating battery life at up to 9 hours. At 15.5mm thickness, it is not as slim as the Samsung 9 series, but we will accept this defeat...

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