The return of the je-pi: Raspberry 2

Still at 35 bucks, the new and improved Raspberry Pi 2 (model B only) features an ArmV7 quad @900 MHz, instead of the previous ArmV6 single-core @700 MHz. That should enable you to boot Ubuntu or XMBC, ... sorry, Kodi, before your TV actually booted. Apart from the additional CPU horsepower, the GPU is the same and the total configuration is pretty much similar. This little pie carries 4 USB ports, micro-SD slot, HDMI, analog audio, Ethernet and 17 GPIO pins for connecting even geekier gadgets. Of course the camera connection is also still there.

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Microsoft also needs glasses...

Meet HoloDeck, Microsoft's reaction to Google Glass and Occulus Rift. Although they call their product "HoloLens", there is obviously nothing holographic about this product, it is simple a pair of dual-display goggles that create a sensation of depth using stereo images. Well, nobody will need more than that for a real 3D experience. Let's hope this baby does not take the same amount of evolution that the Rift required... uhm, requires. Neat gadget!

Blow up your speaker... upwards yes!

If levitation is your thing, than this speaker will blast you away! Not just because of the fact that the ball-shaped speaker is hovering in the air above its base, but also because the audio quality should be (they make us believe everything!) incredible! In some time, the world will welcome the new baby boom(box), the OM/One. Connecting to your smartphone, this baby vibrates air for about 15 wireless hours.

Let's kickstart this bike!

There is a new kid in Kickstarter town, called hoverbike! Yes, of course it involves drone technology! This muscular quad has enough power to lift.. well, a human being! Well, not the one you can obtain on kickstarter, but still it is pretty neat! Basically, they are building a quadcopter where each set of two propellers overlaps, resulting in an awesome design. 3D print your own human and put your favorite action cam in its head and your FPV-to-go!

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The Netherlands wins World Cup Football... in robot football!

Although the Dutch team did a good job in the football World Cup in Brasil, they were sent home by Argentina in the half-finals. The robot football team, Tech United from Eindhoven did a better job and made it to the finals, at which they beat the Chinese "Water" team. With the 3-2 score, they took revenge on the Chinese team, that beat Tech United last year, during the World Cup held in Eindhoven. Watch the summary:

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