New gadgets from Parrot

After some quiet time from our friends at Parrot,they found the CES to a how off their new line for toys. Watch the video below, it does not need words... 

I believe I ... my camera can fly!

We all love our geeky gadgets. Anything related to cameras usually starts a 'spontaneous' draining process on my bank account. This one is pretty cool, not for the image quality, zoom levels, dynamic range or contrast, but the amazing new concept. Although the concept of a flying ball-like camera flew over on Kickstarter, an actually impressive model is now hovering over your head... Meet "Panono" (makes me want to sing the 90's hit by 2 Unlimited), the panoramic ball camera on Indiegogo.

It automatically takes a picture when thrown in the air, after reaching the highest point. With its 36 sensors it captures 72 MPixels at once, and stitches these into a neat little panorama, which is --how unexpectedly-- can be viewed for ultimate experience by moving your tablet/smartphone in the air like a madman... Imagine everyone watching your pictures in a bar... Thumbs up for the idea and the actual implementation! $499 is not even that much, although the image quality of the current model shows a vast space for improvements.

Google glass beaten by a simple pair of goggles?

Still not understanding why people would want to wear an evail pair of goggles when their eye sight is 100%, this baby actually seems to provide some value. Without the nonsense and futuristic layer of bullcrap added to it. All it takes is a Bluetooth chip, multi-color LED, two buttons and a battery. O yeah, and a pair of glasses! What is shown in the video should actually work! Hmm.... Perhaps I should not switch to contacts...

Finally, a compact structure sensor!

We all remember the day that Microsoft launched the Kinect sensor. Although the next generation Kinect is right around the corner, still all access to the low-level depth data is limited. Finally, someone takes their responsibility to give the world easy access to structure information. Meet Occipital, a company that is developing a small depth sensor with a simple programming API. Read all details on their Kickstarter page. The device has a depth range of 40 cm to 3.5m (quite similar to the Kinect). The only drawback for the real geek is the fact that interfacing is provided only with the lightning connector supported on the iPad4+ models. What happened to good-old USB?

Salvation of the Concordia: Live footage!

Yes, we all like to stare at square screens for hours. Now, you can follow the salvage of the Corcordia cruise ship live from this stream. Warning: tends to get a bit boring after some hours...

NOTE: Replaced live URL with timelapse video of the event