Diving at Beldert, cockpit Boeing 747

On Saturday July 25, 2015, I went diving with Dirk at the spot "De Beldert". We dived to the sunken cockpit of an old Boeing 747. Visibility is good and the light was beautiful between the reed with the many small fish. The diving spot has a jetty for easy entrance/exit, large parking space and toilets. Next to the lake reside the diving center "De Beldert" where you also refill your air/nitrox. Apart from very much diving gear, the serve great coffee and cookies!

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Lustrum for 35 years of Duik Team Eindhoven (DTE)

On Saturday Juli 5, 2014, a lustrum activity was organised to celebrate 35 years of Duik Team Eindhoven (DTE). The divers and their partners were divided in groups and each group received some assignments for both above and under water. The assignment underwater required some creativity! After this, the most knowledgeable divers were challenged in the "Best Diver of the Class". The overall best group received the golden snorkel, after which it was time for a beer and an amazing barbecue! Thanks lustrum committee!

Sepia Searching in Zeeland

On Tuesday June 11, 2013, some diving enthiusiasts of "Duik Team Eindhoven" (DTE) went to Zeeland to search for sepias. At the "Bergse Diepsluis" they searched the water and got lucky! Three beautiful sepias were spotted, including their homes (the so-called sepia tents) and their eggs! All in the cold Dutch waters!

Diving in Nemo33

Ever wanted to dive to 33 meters of depth at the luxury of 32 degrees water temperature and a restaurant at few meters away? Nemo33 in Brussels (Belgium) is the place to be: 250.000 cubic meters of water, 32 degrees and 33 meters deep.

Diving in Empelse plas with northern pikes!

Wendy and me went diving and tried a new location, the lake in Rosmalen, also called the "Empelse gat". There is a nice place to enter the water with a (free) carparking in 25m. We spotted much fish, mostly small ones, but also two big northern pikes.