City Triathlon Weert 2013

Another city triathlon was organized in Weert again in May 26, 2013. Because of the cold weather, unfortunately, the olympic distance swimming was cancelled. Luckily, all other participants could enjoy the canalwater at a chilly 14 degrees. The lifeguards of Reddingsbrigade Maasplassen supported the swimmers with two of their vessels, and was joined by the firebrigade of Nederweert.

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Afvaart van de Maas voor Optimisten 2013

On September 1, 2012, the yearly "Afvaart van de Maas voor Optimisten" organized by the Belgian sailing organisation "Noord Limburg Maas (NLM)" took place. The lifeguards from "Reddingsbrigade Maasplassen' where there to support the young sailers during their journey over the river the Maas, through the fast area (no speed limit), joined by the Belgian police and lifeguards from Eindhoven.

Op 1 september 2012 vond de jaarlijkse Afvaart van de Maas voor Optimisten van de Belgische zeilvereniging Noord Limburg Maas (NLM) plaats. Reddingsbrigade Maasplassen ondersteunde de jonge zeilers bij hun tocht over de Maas, door het snelvaartgebied, samen met de Belgische Politie en Reddingsbrigade Eindhoven.

Reddingsbrigade Maasplassen MSP-129

Introduction video of the latest vessel of the "Reddingsbrigade Maasplassen" lifeguards, the MSP-129. It is a Valiant PT520 RIB, equipped with a 90hp Evinrude engine. For transportation of victims, a stretcher can be mounted on the pole for towing.

Introductie video van de nieuwste boot van Reddingsbrigade Maasplassen, de MSP-129. Een Valiant PT520 RIB met een 90pk Evinrude buitenboord motor. Voor transport van gewonden of drenkelingen is een brandcard te monteren op de sleeppaal. De sleeppaal is ideaal voor het slepen van andere boten.

Regular day at Lifeguard...

Several competations were held on May 12, 2012, at the waterscouts "De Terwindtvaarders". Several scoutings from all over the south of The Netherlands participated. We visitied De Spaanjerd and had a look at the renovations of the large farmhouse and the construction of the new harbor. We then had coffee at SailCenter, and checked out the new water bungalows in the hardbor of Ohé en Laak.

Muze aan de Maas: music on the water

In the weekend of June 4 & 5, 2011, there was a music event in the south of the Netherlands, close to Maastricht. On a floating stage several musicians performed their tricks. Since it was the first time such a specific event was held, quite some security measures were taken. There were three police ships from NL and Belgium and several ships from the Dutch Lifeguard. Even "Rijks Water Staat" (RWS) was present. This video gives an impression of the view from the water as a lifeguard...