After some diving trips, it was about time to enjoy the moments above the water. This time not in a ship or plane, but with my feet locked in a "flyboard". Powerd by a 215hp jetski, strong water flow pushes the board out of the water, and making you feel like a real Mozes! The best thing is actually that it is relatively easy to learn! Super cool! Check the video.

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STRP Art & Technology Festival 2011

November 2011, the STRP Art & Technology festival took place again in Eindhoven, The Netherlands. Several artists showed their technological creativity in the exposition. During night time several musical performances were given, amongst Aphex Twin. There was some computer vision, obviously also a Kinect demo, but there is much room for improvements!

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Dakar Pre-prologue Valkenswaard


This video was made after enjoying a day at the EuroCircuit Valkenswaard, watching the Dutch Dakar Pre-Prologue. Have look at the cars and trucks finding their way through the mud and gliding over the tarmac.