Regular day at Lifeguard...

Several competations were held on May 12, 2012, at the waterscouts "De Terwindtvaarders". Several scoutings from all over the south of The Netherlands participated. We visitied De Spaanjerd and had a look at the renovations of the large farmhouse and the construction of the new harbor. We then had coffee at SailCenter, and checked out the new water bungalows in the hardbor of Ohé en Laak.

Diving holiday Estartit Spain 2011

Last week of September 2011, Wendy and myself took off to Estartit for our very first diving holiday! We made 8 super dives in the fresh waters around the Medes Islands group, a nature reserve with lots and lots of fish. Thanks to the Calypso Diving team, Jaqueline, Peter, Jason and Darek for a great experience!

STRP Art & Technology Festival 2011

November 2011, the STRP Art & Technology festival took place again in Eindhoven, The Netherlands. Several artists showed their technological creativity in the exposition. During night time several musical performances were given, amongst Aphex Twin. There was some computer vision, obviously also a Kinect demo, but there is much room for improvements!

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Muze aan de Maas: music on the water

In the weekend of June 4 & 5, 2011, there was a music event in the south of the Netherlands, close to Maastricht. On a floating stage several musicians performed their tricks. Since it was the first time such a specific event was held, quite some security measures were taken. There were three police ships from NL and Belgium and several ships from the Dutch Lifeguard. Even "Rijks Water Staat" (RWS) was present. This video gives an impression of the view from the water as a lifeguard...