Afvaart van de Maas voor Optimisten 2013

On September 1, 2012, the yearly "Afvaart van de Maas voor Optimisten" organized by the Belgian sailing organisation "Noord Limburg Maas (NLM)" took place. The lifeguards from "Reddingsbrigade Maasplassen' where there to support the young sailers during their journey over the river the Maas, through the fast area (no speed limit), joined by the Belgian police and lifeguards from Eindhoven.

Op 1 september 2012 vond de jaarlijkse Afvaart van de Maas voor Optimisten van de Belgische zeilvereniging Noord Limburg Maas (NLM) plaats. Reddingsbrigade Maasplassen ondersteunde de jonge zeilers bij hun tocht over de Maas, door het snelvaartgebied, samen met de Belgische Politie en Reddingsbrigade Eindhoven.

Reddingsbrigade Maasplassen MSP-129

Introduction video of the latest vessel of the "Reddingsbrigade Maasplassen" lifeguards, the MSP-129. It is a Valiant PT520 RIB, equipped with a 90hp Evinrude engine. For transportation of victims, a stretcher can be mounted on the pole for towing.

Introductie video van de nieuwste boot van Reddingsbrigade Maasplassen, de MSP-129. Een Valiant PT520 RIB met een 90pk Evinrude buitenboord motor. Voor transport van gewonden of drenkelingen is een brandcard te monteren op de sleeppaal. De sleeppaal is ideaal voor het slepen van andere boten.

Diving in Empelse plas with northern pikes!

Wendy and me went diving and tried a new location, the lake in Rosmalen, also called the "Empelse gat". There is a nice place to enter the water with a (free) carparking in 25m. We spotted much fish, mostly small ones, but also two big northern pikes.


After some diving trips, it was about time to enjoy the moments above the water. This time not in a ship or plane, but with my feet locked in a "flyboard". Powerd by a 215hp jetski, strong water flow pushes the board out of the water, and making you feel like a real Mozes! The best thing is actually that it is relatively easy to learn! Super cool! Check the video.

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Diving Weekend Bruinisse 2012

April, you were quite chill! With a water temperature of around 10 degrees, the Zeeland waters cannot really be called a warm area. This, however, did not lower the moments of joy during the Duik Team Eindhoven (DTE) diving weekend. We stayed in the "Stoofpot" accomodation in Bruinisse and used this as our base to do several dives in the area. Checkout the video.